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Top 10 Things to do in the Spring in Arizona

Springtime activities in ArizonaSpring is one of the best times to visit Arizona. While the rest of the country is still thawing out from a harsh winter, Arizona is enjoying sunny skies and warm weather. It’s no wonder that people flock here during this time of year – with fun activities for people of all ages, you can’t beat an Arizona vacation in the spring. And when you stay in an Arizona vacation rental you don’t have to worry about booking a crowded hotel room and you’re always near the best attractions. Read through this list of our top 10 favorite things to do in the Spring to get some ideas for your next Arizona vacation.

  • Catch a Spring Training Game: March and April in Phoenix usually mean one thing over any other – Spring Training games. 15 Major League Baseball teams come from all around the country to play here and the 10 stadiums throughout the city offer the best way to catch your favorite baseball team in the off season.


  • Go Hiking: Spring time is the best time to go for a hike in Arizona – the weather hits that perfect spot between hot and cold and it’s comfortable enough to wear shorts, but you don’t have to worry about heat stroke either! With hundreds of hiking trails around the city, there’s something for every skill-level, from the beginner to the expert.


  • Visit Slide Rock: Slide rock is something of a local favorite in Arizona. This state park located near Sedona gets its name from the stretch of creek where the slippery bottom forms a natural “slide” down the rock. This park can get very crowded in the summertime so spring is the best time to visit without feeling like you have to fight through a crowd.


  • Take a Trip to the Zoo: Spring time in Arizona is a great time to take a trip to the zoo. Whether it’s the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium or the Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix or the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson. The weather is just right for the animals to be active and playful!


  • Explore Scottsdale: Scottsdale is home to some of the most vibrant culture that Arizona has to offer. With all the best nightlife and dining spots you’ll never get bored in this city. And in the spring time all the locals are out and about so you’ll get to meet and mingle with new people.


  • Take a Day Trip to Sedona: Sedona is home to the nationally renowned red rocks. These beautiful rock formations draw visitors from all over the country. And don’t forget to stop by some the famous “vortex” spots in this city for a little bit of the local superstition.


  • Matsuri Festival: This Japanese festival takes place every year in the spring time in Phoenix. It is a celebration of Japanese culture and is a great place to take in a live show, try some authentic Japanese food or view some traditional art. And don’t worry, admission is free!


  • Visit Lake Havasu: Lake Havasu is a bit of a famous spot in Arizona. You might not believe it but this desert lake is home to the London Bridge! The famous bridge was shipped over from England and rebuilt brick by brick over the lake. Be sure to stop by and check out this unusual sight!


  • Take a Jeep Tour: Jeep tours are a great way to explore the deserts of Arizona and the spring time provides beautiful weather for this interesting sightseeing experience. With opportunities stretching from Tucson to Scottsdale to Sedona, no matter which part of the state you want to see we’ve got you covered.


  • Spend a Day Golfing: Spring in Arizona is a great time to play a round of golf. The weather, the scenery, the beautiful courses – they all combine to provide the perfect golfing vacation. Be sure to try Troon North, voted the #1 golf course in Arizona!